Installation of stop log gates in mumbai

Mahabull Infra design, manufacture and install lock gates, flood gates, sluices, including temporary works such as stop logs. Stop Log Gates can be controlled manually with the use of balance beams or mechanically using winches and winding gears.

Gates can also be controlled automatically with electric motors and hydraulics, although with tidal gates the tide does all the hard work! The height and quantity of stoplog sections are based on the lifting height and capacity, difficulty of storing high sections and transportation constraint.

We use tried and tested methods, designed in accordance with today's engineering standards to produce exceptional quality, hand-crafted structures that will provide a low maintenance, effective and extremely durable water management system.

Installation of stop log gates in mumbai

We can design and manufacture stop logs for projects of practically any scope, location, or application. From emergency isolation on dams to water regulation for weirs, penstocks, stop logs and bulkheads, we can provide practical solutions that reduce whole-of-life costs on your project. Contact us today and speak with us for additional details.

Stop Logs can be channel mounted, rebated mounted and side or end wall mounted. We can provide frames for our stop logs. Installation of Stop Logs use the latest Materials combined with Aluminum or Stainless Steel to provide a range of Stop Logs suitable for use in most Water Sewage and Effluent Treatment situations.